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Media Editing

Save money and speed up
your workflow.


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Photo Retail

Adding value to your
customer's photos.

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Providing creative ways
to tell your story.


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Photography Services

Highly cost effective
pre and post
production editing.


Real Estate Services

Adding value to your
client's property.

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Visual Media Hotshots

PhotoWonder is a large scale production company that edits and creates visual media for a wide range of businesses around the world. We specialize in high volume editing of videos, photos and graphics as well as the creation of short animations clips.


With almost 15 years and over 10 million images processed we excel at working within your budget and time frame.


We provide high quality video editing services to help lower your production costs, build your brand and speed up your time to market.


We create concise and captivating animation that tells your story, engages your audience and is entertaining to watch.


Highly cost effective photo and video editing for your website

  • E-Commerce Media

    Save money and speed up your workflow.

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  • Better Conversions

    Great photos Increase conversion rates by 30%

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  • Quick Turn Around

    Speed up your time to market

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  • High Quality

    You customers are expecting great images

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  • Easy To Use

    Get started using our services today

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Image Editing

Your images determine how people see you and the most important aspect of your website.  We specialize in high volume image editing working within your budget, on time and in accordance with your high quality standards.   Let us help present you to the world.

Product Video Editing

People who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy.   Video is now one of the fastest growing segments on the internet and consumers expect it.   Video provides a more personal & retainable way to convey expert level knowledge to your audience.  Discover how we can help you with your video workflow.


Helping retailers sell more prints

  • Fine Art

    Helping you sell more canvas prints

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  • Restoration

    A service your customers will thank you for

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  • Photo Services

    Adding value to your customer’s photos

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Photo Restoration

Bringing your memories back to life.  Processing over 10,000 restorations a month no job is too big or small for our team of experienced restoration artists.

Fine Art Series

Transforming photos into a unique work of art.  We help retailers grow their large print and gift business by transforming their consumer’s photos into their own personalized masterpiece.

Imagination Series

Taking photos to a fantasy world.  Our highly trained artists will weave you into exciting mystical scenes, transporting you into your world of imagination.

Fun Art Series

Contemporary art themes to create unique works of art.  We incorporate classic and contemporary art themes to create personalized masterpieces that will make you smile in wonder and delight.


Creating awesome videos that bring your message to life


Provide creative ways to tell your story.

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Website & App Demo

A cool way to explain your website or app.  You spent all this time and money building it now you need to show it.  Animation is a fun, effective and shareable way to do this.

Animated Web Videos

Entertaining visual content your audience will love.  With no physical boundaries, animation can show scenes that a camera cannot shoot at a fraction of the cost.

Videographic & Infographics

With a videographic or infographic you can convey complex information idea with a single effective image or short video.  We can help you get your point across.

Whiteboard Videos

Offer your customer a simple and easy way to understand your message.  With 40% of your users responding better to visual information than plain text, you need this.


Reducing production costs and helping generate more revenue

Photography Services

Reduce your production costs and add value to your product offering.

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Sports & Event Photography

We work with a large number of sports and event photographers offering value added enhancement services that provides their customers with cool and creative options for their photos.

Enhancement & Retouching

We offer fast and highly cost effective pre & post production editing services.  We tailor our services towards your needs from a budget and time standpoint, helping companies realize significant cost savings.


Creating better first impressions one image at a time

Real Estate Services

Adding value to your client’s property.

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Photo Editing

A GREAT photo will leave a better first impression, increase the perceived value of a property and help the property sell faster.  We provide an easy and cost effective service to help make your photos GREAT.

Virtual Staging

Digitally furnish any room to create the ultimate space that any client would want.  With digital staging we can showcase your property the way you want it to be seen.

Floor Plan Rendering

Digital floor plan rendering is a great way to present your property to the world.  We offer a wide range of services that greatly improve your plans within your budget.

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